Jim Cornick is a recording artist, composer, music therapist, musical sound designer, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Bristol, UK. As an artist he has composed extensively, co-releasing or self-releasing more than ten LPs, as well as many EPs and other releases. Jim has composed music for BBC documentaries, short films, ads, promotions and installations, and has had a large amount of music on national and international t.v. Jim has also performed extensively over the past 20 years, playing in ensembles encompassing a wide range of genres and styles.


The experiences from the varying strands of composition, alongside music therapy, have provided a holistic and inspiring platform for music making, through the inter-relational aspects of telling stories, communicating emotions and making connections through music. 


Collaboration is hugely important for Jim - both in music and in a cross-discipline sense. If you would like to work together or collaborate in any way please get in touch below.