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The Space Between

"The Space Between explores ideas of transitional space and impermanence, as the artists attempt to find sensitive ways in which to
capture a moment in time, and explain the aesthetic beauty of memory

This installation showcased the work of artists Jemma Grundon and Jessica Bartlett, and featured an audio installation by myself. Musically, the aim was to support and further explore the concepts and ideas investigated in the exhibition - chiefly those of transition, space, impermanence, nature and memory.

Four audio sources were set up to play alongside each other and were placed at various points throughout the space to provide an evolving audio atmosphere as one moved through the gallery. The pieces all differed in length, so as they looped throughout the day the audio environment subtly changed further. Aside from the piano heard in 'Starting Point of Departure', all of the sound was either generated or sampled from the artists’ studios, collected from the natural environment, or generated from materials that were relevant to the artistic process - e.g. the sound of brushes on canvas, or glass being shattered. 


Below is a mix of the four audio sources:


. (l)inear

. Threshold

. Ever Present

. Starting Point of Departure


It was made once the installation had finished, and is intended as a recreation of the sound as one moves slowly through the gallery space.



/Bubbles/ was an installation by artist Jemma Grundon. The aim was to question the inter-relationship between participant and artwork. In the /bubbles/ collaboration the dialogic exchange that comes from being with others in the space becomes part of the artwork. This is embodied in the experience the participants have when making bubbles.

The main function of the music was to provide an audio environment that supported and augmented both the environment that the bubble installation created, and the themes of the wider installation in general.  Musically, an evolving musical landscape was composed so that the audio remained quite static, yet changed very gradually and subtly over time. Space was a key ingredient in composing the music, as I wanted to reinforce the ethereal, floating, spacious environment of the installation.  

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